My Story


Hi, I'm Taryn, the owner of  Juniper Creative - a creative business providing modern calligraphy and art journaling workshops, as well as art & craft classes for kids.  I live in the Woodlands, TX with my husband, 3 children, our sweet lab Lola and a crazy cat! 

I grew up in South Africa in the 80’s where I was lucky enough to have a blissful childhood on a farm in a small community with tons of freedom. For as long as I can remember I have been a stationery lover and a memory collector. I started keeping a classic journal while I was in school and over the years that evolved into more of a creative outlet for me as I began adding illustrations, photographs and keeping track of life in general.  I am addicted to buying notebooks and happily indulge myself in exploring all avenues of journaling: - bullet journaling,  junk journaling, planner spreads and sometimes just simply writing down my thoughts and dreams.  I find if I start the day with some intentional journal time, it sets the tone for my day and allows me to focus on what’s important.  I use it as a creative outlet and a mental health check-in.  The bonus is that years down the line, when you go back and read through your notebooks, it triggers all sorts of wonderful and often hysterical memories that would otherwise have been relegated to long forgotten experiences. 

 I have also always embraced my creative side.  For 11 years I got to work my dream job as a project manager on the graphic design team at the European head office for the Walt Disney Company in London.  It was that much sweeter as I worked on the team developing and producing stationery items.  I mean what more could I want?  After I had my 3rd child, I decided to step away from my career to focus on raising our family and being present for my kids.  Once my kids were all in full time school, I started to gain the headspace again and I realized that I really missed having an every-day creative outlet.  Juniper Creative was born out of that space and in 2020, I launched my classes teaching modern calligraphy, journaling, and arts & crafts.

 Now that I have pre-teen and teenage children it has really become obvious to me what a fast-paced world we live in.  Kids spend so much of their time online or rushing around to activities and my intention is to pull them back from that craziness and to teach them it’s ok to sit with their thoughts and to give them the space to be intentional with their time.  This is why I have created THE INK BOX – a quarterly box of journaling supplies and fun stationery ‘goodies’. It is my hope, that through a subscription to The Ink Box, they will learn the skills for bullet journaling, art journaling and creative planning. The Ink Box provides a hassle-free solution to creating an outlet, and a sense of order in the oftentimes chaotic and high pressured environment; while at the same time letting them have fun exploring their creative side.  I would love to teach your child the joy of journaling and to give them a hobby that will have a positive impact on their lives and mindset. 

I hope you join me in this journey.